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Things to do in Colorado during COVID

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Ugh. I really wish I didn't have to write anything about COVID-19. However, I'm hoping that this guide will also be useful when the pandemic is over and we find ourselves needing a little off the beaten track adventure. Some of these ideas are in the spirit of social distancing while others are just local travel ideas. I hope something inspires you!

Paint Mines Interpretive Park.

Go to a field (Congress Park near us) and bring a soccer ball, kite, frisbee, football and lots of snacks. We also love a good game of duck duck goose and red light green light.

Red Rocks.

Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Biking. We do the Cherry Creek Trail, bike around Wash Park or go to Barr Lake and bike the loop.

Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock. Just go. It's awesome.

Gaylord Rockies.

Breckenridge Brewery. I heard they turned their great outdoor expanse into a winter wonderland. It's next on my list!

Nordic skiing. I love heading to Devil's Thumb for this. They have everything to rent there including Burley's to pull the kiddos.


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