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Stilettos & Skis

Glam meets sport

We all have different sides of our personality. Sometimes we're shy, sometimes we're bubbly and friendly. In the same day we can be energetic and also slow to get off the couch. I embrace all things that make us unique, fighting stereotypes and encouraging self love. Shed the guilt and forget perfection. Let's explore this crazy life together.

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Denver Life

We love to explore our city and the other towns around Colorado both well-traveled and more obscure. Check here for some Denver and CO travel ideas.

Wife & Mom Life

We fly by the seat of our pants as parents to two young kids. I'm no parental expert, but I am a firm believer in maintaining my own identity.  Here are my amateur thoughts on parenting and loving.

Beauty & Wellness

I'm a product junkie. Let me save you some time and money.  I'll get to the point with the best products on the market.

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